Shutter Replacement

Check if your camera has one of these symptoms of defective/expired shutter. You MUST remove lens and card before troubleshooting.

*On Canon 50D the message Err30, instead of Err99, indicates defective shutter.

*On Canon Rebel XS 1000D, XSi 450D, T1i 500D, shutter failure results in Err20 (occasionally Err30).

*On Canon Rebel 300D, XT 350D, XTi 400D, 10D, 20D, 30D and 40D, Err99 usually means defective/expired shutter. Here are the observed symptoms on these models:

The shutter is near-dead.

Camera takes 1-5 pictures, then shows "ERR 99". After turning off and on again, you can take one more shot then "ERR 99" again. After reloading battery, the cycle repeats: camera takes multiple pictures, then shows "ERR 99"...

The shutter is dead:

You take one shot, you get "ERR 99" immediately. Make sure you hear the mirror flips up. If not, it's something else.

Turn the manual sensor cleaning mode on, see if the shutter curtains open and reveals the glassy-looking sensor. If it does not open, it's very likely the shutter is dead.

If your camera has LIVE VIEW functions, do turn it on and check if the shutter opens! If it does not, it could be bad shutter!


*** Sensor cleaning is included.

Canon Rebel 300D: shutter part discontinued. Unable to proceed repair.

Canon Rebel XT 350D, XTi 400D : $129

Canon XS 1000D: $109

Canon XSi 450D, T1i 500D: $119

Canon T2i 550D: $129

Canon 10D: shutter part discontinued. Unable to proceed repair.

Canon 20D, 30D: $129

Canon 40D: $129

Canon 50D: $149

Canon 5D II: $240

Canon 5D III: $240

Canon 7D: $240


Replacement shutter is new and genuine.

Turn-around Time:

7-9 days.

shutter unit

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