Software Adjustment Service for Canon DSLRs


Service is offered for these models:

Canon EOS 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 7D

Canon Rebel T1i 500D

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You had a DO-IT-YOURSELF repair and found out that special adjustment is needed to make your camera function properly?

Special software can do the following:

- Shutter calibration, often needed after replacing shutter assembly on cameras with shutter speed more than 1/4000s. The symptom is that pictures taken at speed 1/8000s are very dark.

- Shutter count reset to zero

- Mirror count reset to zero

- Change serial and model numbers

- Dianogsis

- Clear internal errors

- Backup and restore calibration data from Main PCB, needed for the process of replacing with good used Main PCB.

- New Main PCB initialization, needed when you install a new PCB.

and more!

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* From 2013, CRRS no longer services compact/point-and-shoot cameras. CRRS now fully specializes in professional DSLRs made by Canon and Nikon.

* Texting or emailing works best. I answer quickly. For email, use a CONTACT FORM !




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