CF Pin Repair/Error 02 for Canon DSLRs

*If you see any missing pin, I highly advise you to remove the battery to prevent short-circuit!

Your camera has broken/bent cf pins, corrupted/invalid images, error 02,  can't format card?

This problem specially haunts the Canon Rebel 300D, XT 350D, XTi 400D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D... However, any camera can suffer if a CF card was not inserted in the correct way.

If your camera does not power on as a result of broken CF pins, I will need to charge extra to fix/replace the power circuit board (extra charge amount depends on the model!), which could likely be rendered nonfunctional by short-circuiting pins.

Sometimes pins stuck inside but these short-circuiting objects will be searched! 

Contact me through this form:CF Pin Problem Form


Canon Rebel 300D: $69

Canon XT 350D, XTi 400D : $69

Canon 10D, 20D, 30D: $79

Canon 40D: $89

Canon 50D: $99

Canon 5D classic: $109

Canon 5D Mark II: $119

Canon 5D Mark III: $129

Canon 7D: $99

Contact if your camera model is not listed here.


5-7 days

Shipping instruction:

Please send only the camera and a body cap. No battery, charger, neck strap, lens... are needed. You can send the card if you are UNSURE of its condition. I had cards damaged by bent pins before!

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broken cf pin

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Last updated 02/10/2014

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* From 2013, CRRS no longer services compact/point-and-shoot cameras. CRRS now fully specializes in professional DSLRs made by Canon and Nikon.

* Texting or emailing works best. I answer quickly. For email, use a CONTACT FORM !




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